MASREI markets
MAS has assembled a high quality portfolio of commercial property and developments across western Europe and is currently expanding into central and eastern Europe in two joint ventures with Prime Kapital, a development joint venture and a co-investment joint venture focused on income-generating assets.

United Kingdom

The most liquid real-estate market in Europe, the United Kingdom offers the security of a long established property legal framework where triple net leases (FRI) are still commonplace. Within the UK market the Company has mostly focused on multi-use developments that leverage our diverse experience with our long time horizon to build a strong portfolio for the future.


The engine of the Eurozone and the largest economy in the European Union, the German market offers long term leases, low cost of finance and a stable macro environment. Over the years MAS has built up a large portfolio of high yielding, predominately retail properties, that form the foundation of our income strategy.


The traditional safe haven jurisdiction, Switzerland offers long leases and low cost of financing as well as capital protection on real estate values as a result of the tight planning laws which restrict new development. We see many sectors of the market as being fully priced in the current market.

Central and Eastern Europe

The fastest growing region in the EU, Central and Eastern Europe offers a combination of accelerating rental growth and yields with room to compress. Leases tend to be of a shorter duration than Western Europe but offer greater scope for growing rents on renewals. The development market is particularly appealing which is supported by rapidly expanding purchasing power, and in some cases, sub-optimally designed or undersized assets ripe for redevelopment or displacement.